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Get Your Share of 1,777,777 $WOTA Tokens, in-game NFT-gear, NFT-chests, crystals (CRL), $$$ CASH prizes and many other goodies.

The more CHANCEs you earn, the higher your odds of winning.

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COMPLETE the basic Dragon’s First Step tasks to pass minimum airdrop requirement;

1000 CHANCEs.

INCREASE the number of your CHANCEs by completing Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Event Quests.

Get + 50% of the CHANCEs earned by your friends for every task completed.

Game Fuel with Real-World Value

  1. Fair Launch. Fair Mint. Fair Drop.

  2. In-game and token economies are balanced by smart AI.

  3. All the utilities of Crystals (CRL) will transition to $WOTA Token + use for NFT Pets, Lands, Caravans and 3D UGC-AI tools.

More details to be announced soon in the “Token” section.

  1. PUMP your skills to the MAX!

  2. BOOST your HERO to the TOP!

  3. Exchange CRL to $WOTA Tokens 1:1

  1. EARN CHANCEs by completing Airdrop Quests tasks and change to CRL 5:1

  2. FARM  in-game GOLD  and change into CRL.

  3. BUY directly in the game!

CHANCEs - Your Key to Rewards!

  1. Earn chances by completing tasks.

  2. Use them to unlock further entries and enter airdrops!

  3. Convert them to Crystals (CRL) and $WOTA tokens.

5 to 1

1 to 1



$WOTA Token

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