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The First Real no-autoplay MMORPG for Mobile powered by NEAR Protocol Blockchain, NFT & Play2Earn.


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There will be 5 types of very precious NFT chests: Dark Prince, Ice Demon, Dragon, Mystery & King’s Chest. All chests are limited in quantities, have different prices and various chances of getting top NFT-items when opened. The more expensive and rare the chest, the higher the chances of getting the best item.

Once you purchase an NFT Chest at the mint page, you will receive a NEAR NFT mirroring your chest directly in your NEAR-Wallet Collectibles section. 


How to use 

Any chest can be opened in the game at Global Launch date (end of 2022), or re-sold anytime on Paras Marketplace now or on in-game p2p NFT marketplace later.

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What's inside the chests?

Every NFT Chest contains one random Legendary, Epic, Unique or Rare NFT- item of different grades. Among them are such items as Weapons, Armors, Jewelry, etc., that can be used in the game or re-sold to other players. 

NFT items are unique items with special performance characteristics that do not loot from players when they get killed. They are also indestructible, and continue to be owned by those who bought them even outside of the game since they are stored on the NEAR Blockchain.


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Why buy now?


NFT Chests pre-sale quantities will be limited. Every next pre-sale, the price for previous unsold chests (if any) will be increased. A new type of greater chests will be added every next pre-sale at a higher price and in less quantities. We are planning to complete all pre-sales before Global Launch, so the only way to obtain NFT Chests after Global Launch will be to buy them from other people on the secondary market.

NFT- items obtained from the Chests would be much more expensive after the game release date, as well as other NFT- items in the game, due to their unique performance characteristics and limited supply.

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Главная: Приветствие

Current NFT mint

As part of this NFT mint, 120 very valuable Dark Prince Chest NFTs containing a standard, rare, unique, epic, or legendary item of any grade will be available for opening and further use in the game on the global release date. Other types of chests will be available at higher prices and in smaller quantities at a later date.


So, hurry up!

All the money received from selling NFTs are being reinvested into the game development. By purchasing our NFTs, you are supporting the development of World of the Abyss, the first and only true MMORPG for mobile devices powered by NEAR protocol.



MVP developed. Human Guild provided a grant. Playable pre-alpha version completed.

Q1-Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Alpha version developed. Migrated to a new database to increase efficiency and achieve blockchain technologies integration.

Play & Earn mechanics developed. In-game economy rebalanced. Tokenomics. NFT Chests smart contract development and minting page launched by TENK. DAO creation. integration. Dark Prince NFT Chests pre-sale.

Q2 2022

Soft Launch 9 Jun 22

Q3 2022

NFT-module development and integration. Development and integration of API for prompt minting of equipment to NFT.

Global release 14 Sep 23

Ice Demon & Dragon NFT Chests pre-sale. NFT-chests opening (with simultaneous NFT-item minting) functionality development and integration.

Q4 2023

Q1 2024

Unique NFT equipment pre-sale.

Q3 2024

S grade equipment addition.

Q2 2024

Mystery & King’s NFT Chests Sale. P2P marketplace integration. P2E mechanics launch.


core team

Maksym Bondarenko


IT Entrepreneur

8+ mobile games development,

3D design & animation

4+ mobile marketing &

TV-advertisement experience

Founder & CEO  of Mad Moil Co

(2 years in AR/VR sphere)

Ilya Kulebyakin


Serial Entrepreneur

13+ years of business

development experience in various areas

3+ years of management,

marketing, production &

events organization

experience at TastySound

music record-label

3+ years of online community

management & PR experience

Yury Shtepo


20+ years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience in various areas:  project & ops management, finance, business consulting

Developed business & financial models and consulted for multiple companies and start-ups

Launched companies in the areas of manufacturing, business services and online therapy.


Unity developer

Maxim Shevchyk

7+  Unity dev

3D Generalist

Vlad Pashko

3+ 3D graphic

Game Designer

Aldiyar Naukanov

3+ Game design

Unity developer

Chebanyuk Artur

4+ Unity dev

UI/UX Designer

Alessa Drozd

4+ UI/UX design

Narrative Design

Stanislav Lukomskiy

5+ Narrative  design

Unity developer

Nazerke Zhussupova

3+ Unity dev

2D Artist

Denis Semenenko

3+ 2D design


Viktoria Smoliak

3+ SMM

Back / Unity dev

Anton Khmelev

4+ Unity dev

IT Recruiter/HR

Oksana Kedych

6+ IT Recruiter/ HR

2022-08-04 17.37 copy.png

3D Generalist

Sergey Solovyov

3+ 3d Graphic

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Our partners

We deeply appreciate our partners' input, help & support.



human guild



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